About us

The Greenburry brand from "bags for living" was founded in 1995 by Frank Passador, a business graduate. Right from the start, Greenburry relied on the use of natural and very high-quality leather. Due to the top quality of the products in connection with the individual and very trendy look, the brand quickly found success and today stands for lifestyle and first-class design. The company's head office is in Kronach in southern Germany, where new collections are constantly being created with new ideas and a great variety, which are successfully sold around the world.

The extensive range of the Greenburry brand offers leather products for all situations and situations. Starting with the high-quality bags suitable for a wide variety of purposes such as briefcases and business bags, teacher or school bags, handbags for women, as well as extra men's bags. There are also practical companions for the office such as diaries or pen cases on offer. Greenburry offers small leather goods for everyday use such as glasses or key cases. There are even belts, travel accessories and even cell phone cases on offer. With all of its products, Greenburry has remained true to its principle of "making bags for life" to this day. The leather items are particularly robust and durable thanks to the high-quality materials and impress with their careful workmanship and loving details.

The products of the Greenburry brand are characterized by the exclusive use of natural leather together with the company's strict ecological concept. This makes a significant contribution to protecting the environment. But the lifestyle brand not only stands for high quality and environmental protection in its products, fairness is also very important in the manufacture of the goods. The production facilities are tested and certified companies in India and Europe.

There is no child labor and no social exploitation of the employees. Greenburry employs around 150 workers in production, whose children are supported by the company with school fees for a better education. In addition, the principle that the oils and waxes used are biologically harmless applies to all Greenburry leather series on offer. The products are constantly checked for harmful substances.

Greenburry supports this school so that the children can get a free education.

Greenburry products stand for fairness in production and careful use of the earth's natural resources.

Greenburry = "bags for living"!